Easily unlock higher performance 

At gate drive and module level


Gate driving : simple & powerful

With unique power-thru technology  : 
  • no more isolated supplies
  • no more bootstrap components
Resulting in excellent performance levels 
Creating the simplest and fastest design-in experience

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icon speed trans

Switching speed

25ns propagation time

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> 100 V/ns

- 0%

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PCB footprint

just 77mm2 for ALL gate drive components

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Design-in time

With no separate isolated supply required, design-in is easy.

Typically an isolated gate driver device requires a separate isolated supply.  This is either an off-the-shelf module or a custom isolated supply designed into the power converter.  With Heyday's isolated driver you don't need a separate isolated supply.  Our driver does that for you.  This means lower BOM count, less PCB area and improves the robustness and EMI performance of your converter.
Both the ON and OFF propagation times are very short (25ns typ).  This makes dead-time management between switch cycles easy to manage and helps to maximize the efficiency of the power converter.
Would you like to drive your switch ON or OFF for a long time without having to worry about recycling energy into a bootstrap capacitor?  With the Heyday isolated drivers that's taken care of for you.  Infinite ON and OFF time capability comes as standard.  
This enables the system designer to freely choose a resistor value for turn ON (pull-up) and turn OFF (pull-down).  

Leverage these gate drive benefits at module level

Create competitive advantage - faster


Heyday's unique benefits go far beyond the driving. The whole module benefits from increased simplicity and efficiency.  



Unparalleled benefits for your module

up to

- 0%

icon decrease

Module component count

  • no isolated supplies
  • no bootstrap components

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- 0%

icon less volume trans

Module volume

  • less components
  • more efficiency => less volume

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- 0%

icon dollar

Module cost

  • less components
  • less design time

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- 0%

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  • much simpler drive design

  • Lower propagation times = smaller dead times


  • Less components means more reliability 
  • Robust design
  • No need to design a custom isolated supply into your power converter.  It's already done for you with the Heyday drivers! 


Reduce your module weight by eliminating that custom isolated supply and all the components that entails: 
  • extra magnetic's
  • extra winding's 
  • extra silicon & passive components
  • separate isolated supply module

Make superior modules for any application 


applications trans-white 1500x109 


High performance and simplified design

Standard included in all our gate drivers