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        Heyday team


        Meet our management team

        An experienced, international team, comprising of entrepreneurs, industry experts and academics. 

        joe 300x300

        Joe Duigan

        Founder, CEO
        BG 300x300

        Bernard Gouverneur

        Ron 300x300

        Ron Hogervorst

        Andrew 300x300

        Andrew Thompson


        A growing team

        We are experiencing a strong growth and our team expands monthly with exceptional talent. 

        Heyday's team is our most precious asset and we are proud to attract and retain such a diverse and creative team that adheres to our core values.

        Today, we are 14 employees (+ several freelancers), representing 6 different nationalities and working from 3 different countries (France, Ireland, UK).

        Heyday Grasse Team2 1200x600

        Heyday team picture in Grasse office.

        From left to right: Paul (IC Engineer), Arij (IC Engineer), Ron (CTO), Imen (IC engineer), Cécile (office administrator), Bernard G (CGO), Guillaume (Sr IC engineer) and Joe (CEO). Not on picture: Andrew (COO), Paddy, John (Sr IC Engineers), Dermot, Bernard K (both Sr Apps engineers)


        Advisory board

        John Ryan

        John has over 30 years of management experience in semiconductors. Previously general manager at CEVA, Parthus ST-NXP Wireless, ST-Ericsson and VP Engineering for Powervation (sold to ROHM). Currently Technical advisor to Atlantic Bridge Ventures and active partner in Amici ventures.

        Brigid O'Donovan

        Brigid has over 30 years of experience as managing partner and business developer for power electronics companies such as IoT sensing, Cisco Systems, Melexis, Philips Semiconductors and Plessey Semiconductors.

        Garry Tomlins

        Garry is a retired marketing manager with 40+ years of experience in the power electronics industry. Former director at Commergy, Texas Instruments, Artesyn and Excelsys Technology. As a business angel, he has invested in Heyday.


        We're growing our team

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