Single Floating 650V Isolated Driver For High-Voltage  MOSFET's

Hey2011-xLx trans 150x150


Main features

  • Floating 650V isolated driver for high-voltage MOSFET’s
  • No bootstrap components required
  • >100V/ns dv/dt immunity (CMTI)
  • <25ns propagation delay with excellent device-to-device
    matching of <5ns
  • Separate pull-up/ down drive output pins. Pull-down
    impedance ≤ 1Ω. Pull-up impedance ≤ 3.8Ω
  • More features

    • ≥ 100μm Distance through isolation (DTI)
    • 5.5V < VDRIVE < 15V
    • First pulse perfect – first drive pulse within specificatio
    • Continuous ON time capability – no need to recycle drive
    • Output drive pins OUTPU, OUTPD and OUTSS can swing ± 5kV with respect to GND
    • Safety-Related and Regulatory Approvals (planned)
      • 5700VRMS Withstand isolation voltage per UL 1577
      • 8000VPK Maximum transient isolation voltage per VDE0884-10
      • 630VPK Maximum working isolation voltage


  • Totem Pole PFC,
  • Half/ Full-Bridge,
  • LLC,
  • SR Drivers,
  • Multi-level converters using stacked switches
  • Secondary side control to primary drives
  • Automotive



Please find the available design resources in the table below

resource type name
datasheets HD-000109-DS-2-Hey2011-series datasheet View
application notes HD-000153-AN-3-Minimizing PCB parasitic effects View

Hey2011 Series Product Versions

product version switch isolation package availability
Hey2011-L12A MOS non-rated LGA 12 pin Nov 2019
Hey2011-AL12 MOS 5kV LGA 12 pin H2 2020
Both isolated and non-rated drivers are of the floating type


12 pin LGA 10 x 7.66 x 2.65 mm

Pin Layout

Hey1011-xL2 pin layout

Block Diagram

HEY2011 block diagram