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        HEY1011 SERIES

        Self-Powered Single-Channel Isolated GaN FET Driver

        With Power-ThruTM Integrated Isolated Bias Supply

        Hey1011-xLx trans 150x150

        Main features

        • Power-ThruTM integrated isolated bias
          • No high-side bootstrap
          • No external secondary-side bias
        • 50ns propagation delay with excellent device-to-device
          matching of 5ns
        • Separate pull-up/ down drive output pins. Pull-down
          impedance 1.0Ω. Pull-up impedance 2.8Ω
        • Wide supply voltage 10.5V < VDRV < 13.2V
        • UVLO on primary VDRV and secondary VSEC


        • AC-DC and DC-DC converters
          Totem-pole PFC, Half-/Full-Bridge, LLC, SR Drive, Multi-level converters, Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge, etc.
        • Automotive – OBC, traction drive
        • Industrial – transportation, robotics
        • Grid Infrastructure – micro-inverters, solar









        12 pin LGA 10 x 7.66 x 2.54mm

        Pin Layout

        Hey1011-xL2 pin layout

        Block Diagram

        fig2 block diagram

        Hey1011 Series Product Versions

        product version switch isolation package availability
        Hey1011-L12N0 GaN functional LGA 12 pin available
        Hey1011-L12V0 GaN 5kV LGA 12 pin H2 2022
        Both isolated and non-rated drivers are of the floating type