GaN Gate drivers


With power-thru technology

Unlocking ultimate performance & simplicity


Gate driving : simple & powerful

Eliminate bootstrap components and isolated supplies

with unique power-thru technology .

A new era in gate driving performance.  Your design starts here.

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Switching speed
  • 25ns propagation time

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icon increase
  • >100V/ns

- 0%

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PCB footprint
  • just 77mm2 for ALL gate drive components

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Design-in time

With no separate isolated supply required, design-in is easy.


Easily design &

make your modules

faster, smaller, more efficient



Get rid of bootstrap components and isolated supplies:

  • easy and simple module design
  • higher efficiency
  • smaller volume, PCB footprint

Discover more benefits


For any applications

What is your application?

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Growing product range

Available in Nov 2019 in pre-series samples
  • start design-in into your module without delay    How to order
Product releases starting  in H1 2020  
  • starting with non isolation-rated product release while awaiting required certifications     Stay updated


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driver switch # channels polarity isolation package availability
Hey1011-NL12 GaN single unipolar non-rated LGA 12 pin Nov 2019
Hey1011-AL12 GaN single unipolar 5kV LGA 12 pin H1 2020
Hey1012-AL14 GaN single bipolar 5kV LGA 14 pin tbd
Both isolated and non-rated drivers are of the floating type
This driver enhances supply performance with simplified layout
WBG switch company
This is amazing technology
Sr Power IC Designer
Semiconductor company
Wow ! This is the driver we need
Managing Director
Tier 1 electronics component group
You are going to take over the market !
Sr Manager
Power Electronics company
Just pick a mode, this tells you which cap to use. Turn it on. It's just that easy !
Sr Application Engineer
Semiconductor company

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