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        8 reasons why you should design your electric vehicles with Heyday PowerThru™ gate drivers

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        Heyday gate drivers: the perfect solution for EV applications


        For power conversion applications in electric vehicles, PowerThruTM gate drivers from Heyday Integrated Circuits offer the perfect solution. Here are eight reasons why:


        1. They need no separate bias supplies or bootstrap components. With Heyday drivers, the power needed to drive the gate of the power semiconductor is transferred by a novel magnetic coupling within the driver IC itself. Eliminating bias supplies and bootstrap components reduces component count and greatly simplifies power module design.

        2. They reduce design and qualification time. Because power modules that use Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers are much less complex than other types, they’re easier and faster to design. Using pre-qualified Heyday driver modules also makes it easier to obtain the product qualification essential for automotive applications.

        3. They save space and weight. Without bias supplies and bootstrap components, gate control circuitry can be made smaller and lighter. And, since they provide complete isolation, Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers mean that pulse transformers and other bulky functional isolation components are no longer required.

        4. They improve reliability. Every component in an electronic assembly is a potential point of failure so a lower component count means increased reliability. By eliminating bias supplies and bootstrap capacitors, Heyday gate drivers allow power conversion modules to be developed with fewer components than is possible with any other gate driver technology.

        5. They minimise parasitics. Smaller modules mean shorter PCB tracks with lower parasitic capacitance and inductance. This reduces the risk of ringing and the generation of voltage spikes which might lead to component damage and premature failure. EMC performance is also improved by the reduced common-mode capacitance,  allowing smaller and less costly filters to be used in power modules with Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers.
        6. They boost efficiency. The power needed to drive the gate of a power semiconductor increases with frequency. When external bias supplies are used, they have to be oversized to suit the maximum switching frequency and because of this they waste power at lower frequencies. With Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers power transfer automatically tracks switching frequency, so power is never wasted and efficiency is always optimised.
        7. They ease design compromises. In EV power modules, there’s always a trade-off between cost, size and efficiency. It’s never possible to optimise all three simultaneously, but Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers let designers get closer to this ideal than ever before by providing opportunities to, for example, use the space freed up by smaller driver boards to accommodate a larger more efficient power stage.
        8. They keep costs down. Fewer components not only means lower material costs, but also lower production and testing costs. Reduced complexity means less design effort and less money spent on product development. Using pre-qualified modules makes possible big savings on product qualification.

        Heyday PowerThruTM gate drivers may be small components but, for designers and manufacturers of electric vehicles, they offer an extensive range of benefits that’s out of all proportion to their size. 

        They’re available now and they’re backed by comprehensive support from Heyday’s team of power conversion experts. To find out more about our technology, you can watch the following video :

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