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        8 reasons why you should design your electric vehicles with Heyday PowerThru™ gate drivers

        Heyday gate drivers: the perfect solution for EV applications


        For power conversion applications in electric vehicles, PowerThruTM gate drivers from Heyday Integrated Circuits offer the perfect solution. Here are eight reasons why:

        Why are gate drivers key in making your electric vehicle battery design a success?

        Heyday solutions for EV power conversion


        Power conversion technology plays a key role in every...

        How to avoid the main business hurdles brought by conversion challenges in the automotive industry?

        Building a better (electric) vehicle

        Electric vehicles are currently in a phase of exceptionally...

        What are the main technical challenges with power conversion in automotive?

        Power conversion challenges in electric vehicles

        On-board charger (OBC) systems are a major concern...

        New topology opportunities

        Power modules are finding an ever-greater range of applications, particularly in areas associated...

        Say goodbye to bootstrap issues!

        For high-side gate drivers in power modules that use half-bridge, full-bridge and totem-pole...

        Cut the complexity and cost of full-bridge gate drivers

        The full-bridge topology is a popular choice for power modules, but implementing it with...

        Simplify power module design with Power-Thru™ technology

        Cost, design time and unexpected problems: these are three of the most significant issues in the...