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        Hi, we're Heyday Integrated Circuits:

        ...6 years ago we had a vision..., ...a world with safe and clean energy...,...we decided to focus on our field of expertise...,...power electronics...,...that gave us our mission...,...enabling the most efficient and safe power conversion...,...thus developing truly innovative solutions..., drive the transition towards clean energies...

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        At Heyday we believe that a shared company culture is a prerequisite to tackle today's challenges, expand our capabilities...and most important: to enjoy our work and keep the passion alive.

        We commit to our mission (a world with safe and clean energy),We solve our customer's problems and build long-term relationships,We embrace a changing world,We question the status quo,We prefer to fail rather than not trying,We are responsible and respectful people,We are Heyday's best assets,We enjoy our work and are passionate about it,We know a better world starts with ourselves


        Office location

        Heyday's headquarters are in Grasse, close to Sophia Antipolis in the south of France.  Sophia Antipolis is a technopole rich in innovative businesses, educational and R&D centers for new technologies. 

        Our headquarters houses our central 200m2 office and our development laboratory in the heart of Grasse city nestled in the French Riviera only 15 minutes from Cannes and the beach and 40 minutes from Nice airport.

        Heyday also has local offices in the UK and Ireland.


        Why Heyday?

        I first met Heyday at PCIM. What I immediately liked, was the fact that Joe (the CEO) was super accessible and that you could feel how passionate he is about the technology. During the interviews, I met the other colleagues, and I love the fact they were all very friendly and shared the same high level of passion for the future of Heyday.  
        Paul circle 200x200
        IC Engineer
        The work is fun, interesting and we explore new frontiers.  We are encouraged to come with bold ideas to explore new avenues. The location is superb. After work I love going to the beach in summer and skiing in the winter!
        Arij circle
        IC Engineer
        It's super exciting to work for a company that has great products, the right tools and the right dynamic culture to propel growth. Building the bridge between our tech department and clients to create a long-term win-win relationship is what drives me forward. 
        Chief Growth Officer

        Open Positions

        If you're attracted by our vision,

        If you adhere to our culture,

        If you believe you can contribute to the development of Heyday,

        Then have a look at our open positions.  

        open position department location
        Sr. Systems Engineer Product Development Hybrid, Sophia-Antipolis, France
        Principal Systems Engineer Product Development Hybrid, Sophia-Antipolis, France
        Manufacturing Package & Assembly Engineer Product Development Hybrid, Sophia-Antipolis, France

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