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        OUR STORY

        Hi we're Heyday Integrated Circuits...,...6 years ago we had a vision..., ...a world with safe and clean energy...,...we decided to focus on our field of expertise...,...power electronics...,...that gave us our mission...,...enabling the most efficient and safe power conversion...,...thus developing truly innovative solutions..., drive the transition towards clean energies...


        The story behind Heyday

        During his years of power system and semiconductor experiences, Joe was more and more aware of the technical and strategical advantages around good gate drive systems for MOS and wide-band gap FET`s. 


        At Heyday we believe that a shared company culture is a prerequisite to tackle today's challenges, expand our capabilities...and most important: to enjoy our work and keep the passion alive.

        We commit to our mission (a world with safe and clean energy),We solve our customer's problems and build long-term relationships,We embrace a changing world,We question the status quo,We prefer to fail rather than not trying,We are responsible and respectful people,We are Heyday's best assets,We enjoy our work and are passionate about it,We know a better world starts with ourselves

        Vision And Culture Applied


        We aspire to give our customers

        • the best gate drivers
        • the best service and support (we’d love to be your super-heroes!) 

        We hope that our clients:

        • understand & forgive that we sometimes experience growing pains
        • give us honest feedback to help us improve

        Powertry in Motion!


        Want to know more?

        If you like what you see here, then we'd love to hear from you.  

        • careers page - as a potential new team member
        • Heyday technology - the kind of  innovation we're talking about
        • our GaN or MOS gate drivers- how we can help you create the best modules