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        We are thrilled to announce that

        we are now a part of

        Allegro MicroSystems!

        We’re excited to join Allegro in continuing to move technology and the world toward a safer and sustainable future.  View Press Release


        Revolutionary Gate Driver Technology

        Allegro’s market-leading sensor and power ICs together with our Power-Thru technology will deliver an energy efficient technology platform for high voltage designs in green energy, advanced mobility, and motion control solutions. Go to HV Gate Drivers


        Heyday driver recommended by GaN Systems

        in BODO's Power Systems December Issue

        The Hey1011 gate driver is recommended 

        as the 1st step

        to achieve Highly Effective GaN Designs.


        Full article here



        Latest Heyday-logo-transparent 500x135 Webinar

        with our Sr Applications Engineers


        "Heyday Solves Key Automotive Electrification Design Challenges"


        During this webinar we review the main technical challenges with power conversion in the automotive industry and outline the business consequences of these challenges.

        We show how the OBC, Inverter, DC-DC and PFC can be impacted by these challenges and explain how Heyday solves these technical and business challenges...

        [REPLAY] Solving Automotive Electrification Design Challenges



        Gate drivers for MOS*, GaN and SiC*

        Heyday gate drivers are built on proven CMOS silicon technology and can drive MOSFETs as well as the new wide bandgap GaN and SiC FETs.

        • Drive any FET to new unparalleled performance levels.

        Our gate drivers feature our patented Power-Thru™ technology:

        • No more bootstrap components or isolated supplies required: the Heyday gate drivers do ALL the magic in ONE single integrated package

        The benefits of the Power-Thru™ technology are substantial. 

        * pre-series gate drivers for MOS and SiC to be released  in several months. Subscribe here to be updated on product releases

        Make you power module...




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        Area and Volume*


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        BOM cost*

        * Figures are based on specific system designs and may vary from application to application. BOM cost figures may also be subject price fluctuations

        It's just awesome. 

        see the difference for yourself

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        We have already sold >10.000 gate drivers to the most innovative companies - improving their competitive advantage.

        We can help you grow your business



        Gate drivers for any application

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        Solar Inverters

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        Motor drives

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        Data Centres

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        Innovation based on experience

        The Heyday team has leveraged many years of experience to develop a unique technology enabling high performance gate drivers.  In one single package and across one single internal isolation boundary both the gate drive signal and the drive power are transferred.  

        We have called it power-thru®.

        A single 2.6mm high LGA package now delivers isolated gate drive and energy at high speeds to your GaN and MOS FETs.  This enables improvements in efficiency, BOM count, module size, reliability and cost. Great news for all power module designers!

        Reliable by design


        In its product development processes Heyday uses:

        • Standard 180nm CMOS technology
        • Tier 1 dual-sourced Fabs
        • Industry leading packaging vendors
        • Rigorous development an qualification processes
        • Second-source strategies