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Fully integrated isolated gate drivers

High-speed gate driver & isolated supply all in one package, Unlock new performance & efficiency levels


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It's never been so easy!

We are proud to annonce: 

Heyday named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

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Gate drivers for MOS, GaN and SiC

Heyday gate drivers are built on proven CMOS silicon technology.

  • drive MOSFETs to new performance levels.

  • GaNFETs and SiCFETs : fully leverage the advantages of these wide band gap materials.

They come with the unique power-thru technology :

  • do without bootstrap components and isolated supplies: the Heyday gate drivers do ALL the magic in ONE single integrated package

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Gate drivers for any application

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Solar Inverters

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Motor drives

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Data Centres

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Power tools

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Innovation based on experience

The Heyday team has leveraged many years of experience to develop a unique technology enabling high performance gate drivers.  In one single package and across one single internal isolation boundary both the gate drive signal and the drive power are transferred.  

We have called it power-thru®.

A single 2.6mm high LGA package now delivers isolated gate drive and energy at high speeds to your GaN and MOS FETs.  This enables improvements in efficiency, BOM count, module size, reliability and cost. Great news for all power module designers!

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Quality & Reliability guaranteed


Innovation + proven materials and processes


high performance + high reliability

The Heyday technology is using reliable CMOS silicon technology whose reliability has been proven for decades in all possible applications and situations.

The core innovations reside at the circuit logic level. No reliability issues here neither.

And to increase quality and reliability even more, we provide a  single component solution ... making life simpler as well.

This driver not only simplifies my design but simplifies my BOM too.
Sr design manager
Power electronics company
This is amazing technology
Sr Power IC designer
Semiconductor company
Wow ! This is the driver we need
Managing Director
Tier 1 electronics components group